The films of 2010

Here it is, my list of the films watched and ranked from the year.  Side-by-side, 2010 brought in almost the same amount of films, along with the overall quality of filmmaking.  I figure this is the last year of the side effects of the WGA strike from a few years back.  So here’s 2011 to being a better year on both the big blockbuster and indie fronts.

Instead of just making the list like year’s past, I will throw in an occasional tidbit on what I thought of the film.  As always, throw comments at the list or also post your top/bottom 10s to see how we compare.

The List:

114.  Jonah Hex – What can I say.  I hated this film and you could tell that they reshot a huge amount of what was originally written.  At a whopping running time of 70 minutes, this felt like it was going on two hours by the time the credits rolled.
113.  My Soul to Take – Interesting idea, non-existent 3D, filled with nothing but plot holes and subplots that didn’t matter in the end.
112.  Little Fockers – I saw this in Fresno, CA on Christmas Eve, so you can’t blame the lack of laughs on the “superior coast” sensibilities.  How many times can people laugh at the “focker” joke?  I think we learned two films was more than enough.
111.  Splice – Started off interesting, albeit boring.  Coming into the third act everything just became too damn ridiculous for its own good.  I’ve never heard people laugh so hard at a “horror” movie as the last ten minutes brought upon the audience I’ve seen this with.  Hell, everyone even groaned at the final scene.
110.  Devil – The only plus side about this film was the short run time.
109.  The A-Team – I loved this show as a kid, but the movie couldn’t even be saved by the crazy helicopter on a parachute set piece.
108.  Piranha 3D – 3D boobs, what isn’t there to love?  Oh yeah, the script.
107.  Standing Ovation – I forced myself to watch this flick since my company is developing some movies/TV dealing with dancing and singing.  At least I learned what not to do in this predictable and over the top tween film.
106.  Somewhere – Sophia… please stop.  Just FYI, the script for this film is under 50 pages and it shows.
105.  I’m Still Here – Joaquin, please see my note to Sophia above. Kthxbai.
104.  When in Rome – The worst of all RomComs released this year (That I saw)
103.  Clash of the Titans
102.  Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time
101.  The Wolfman
100.  The Losers
99.   Predators – Hmmm, couldn’t see that twist coming in the end #sarcasm.
98.   The American – I love the Director and all the work he’s done in music videos over the years.  Too bad this film was boring, slow and just gave me no reason to care.  Though at least it looked beautiful.
97.   The Killer Inside Me
96.   The Bounty Hunter
95.   Paranormal Activity 2 – I loved the first.  Something about the experience of being at a midnight show before it was released with all the buzz, it hit home.  This prequel was filled with laughs and none of the originality factor of the first.
94.   Tooth Fairy
93.   Legion
92.   Nightmare on Elm Street – When I heard they were remaking this I wanted to shit on this movie without even seeing it.  Once they mentioned Jackie Earl Haley as Krueger I was on board. Where did it all go wrong?  I don’t know.
91.   Percy Jackson: The Lightning Thief
90.   Day Breakers
89.   Tron Legacy – The only saving grace of this film was the soundtrack and sound mix.
88.   Robin Hood – Why did they scrap the amazing Notingham script for this turd?
87.   Green Zone
86.   Charlie St. Cloud
85.   The Crazies
84.   Letters to Juliet
83.   Alice in Wonderland – How the hell did this film surpass $1B worldwide?  Oh wait, Johnny Depp acting all crazy… but that doesn’t make a good film.  C’mon people!
82.   Due Date – With the love of The Hangover I had high hopes.  With Downey’s character as such an asshole, it was hard to go along on the road trip even with the amazing Galifinakis.
81.   Machete
80.   Dinner for Schmucks
79.   Dear John
78.   Cop Out – Saw this at a test screening and originally would have been higher on the list.  Took a second viewing on DVD since it was drubbed so badly by the critics.  Not sure why they changed most the opening act, but it set this film on the wrong path and never won  me back.
77.   Valentine’s Day
76.   The Jonses
75.   Shutter Island – From the opening scene I guessed the ending.  Whoops!
74.   BitchSlap – Fun, but not a lot of substance
73.   From Paris with Love
72.   Human Centipede – I wanted a lot more from this film.  The idea had me sold, but it wasn’t anywhere near the gross-out film I was expecting.  Actually it was tame in my eyes except one small scene in the back yard.
71.   Grown Ups
70.   Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps
69.   American Grindhouse
68.   Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 1 – Cut 15 to 25 minutes from this film and it could have ended up in the top half of the list.
67.   Chloe
66.   Killers – Besides the horrible casting, the third act of this film killed it for me.
65.   Ramona and Beezus
64.   Iron Man 2 – Loved the original but this sequel filled with one-liners lost a lot of the appeal in the original
63.   Saint John of Las Vegas
62.   Harry Brown
61.   Greenberg
60.   The Book of Eli
59.   Salt
58.   Let Me In
57.   Youth in Revolt
56.   Barry Munday
55.   Defendor
54.   Knight and Day
53.   City Island
52.   Jackass 3D
51.   The Ghost Writer
50.   The Expendables
49.   8: The Mormon Proposition
48.   Date Night
47.   Babies
46.   The Other Guys
45.   Red
44.   The Good, The Bad and the Weird
43.   MacGruber
42.   Fair Game
41.   Megamind
40.   The Switch
39.   Get Him to the Greek
38.   Please Give
37.   The Last Exorcism – This could have easily been a top 25 contender or higher had it not been ruined by the last 5 minutes of the film.  The Pastor and the girl should rise quickly in Hollywood from this film, but not sure anyone cared enough about it.
36.   It’s Kind of a Funny Story
35.   Diary of a Wimpy Kid
34.   Frozen
33.   Waking Sleeping Beauty – A great look at the Disney’s animation department during the low and high times of the 80s and 90s
32.   The Runaways
31.   Catfish – Saw this film after someone ruined the ending for me.  The trailers were misleading, but go in and know NOTHING about this film, you may just enjoy it.
30.   Karate Kid
29.   Winnebago Man – One of the earliest viral videos of the YouTube generation.  I wanted more of an exploration of what people go through when they become a joke in this ever connected generation.
28.   She’s Out of My League
27.   Cyrus
26.   The Fighter – Had this been Bale’s story, or even the mother’s, it could have easily been a top 10.  But I’ve seen this movie 6 times before when it was called Rocky 1 – 6.
25.   Going the Distance – Even if this was a little lopsided in its direction, I found the situations and chemistry of the leads in a story that hit too close to home.
24.   Joan Rivers: A Piece of Work
23.   Buried – One film, one actor on screen, one location, one cellphone and one interesting premise for a movie.  The constant rising tension kept me hooked from beginning to end.
22.   True Grit – Coens… where did you go wrong?  There was no emotion in the dialogue or in the delivery.  Be glad Deakins beautiful cinematography allowed you to end up this high on the list.
21.   Despicable Me – I didn’t want to see this from the trailers but was surprised at the heart this film had.
20.   Tangled – Disney is back with their old school style Fairy Tales for girls.  Everything about this flick worked.
19.   I Love You, Phillip Morris – This is another one that could have been a top ten contender, but I was left feeling like most of the second act was a long montage.  It’s a shame that Carrey isn’t receiving the accolades this awards season.
18.   The Town – Ben Affleck, kudos sir.  Kudos.  A fun heist movie from beginning to about 10 minutes before the end.
17.   Hot Tub Time Machine – Hilarious throwback to the 80s.  This is the film I’ve probably seen the most times that has been released this year.  It’s a shame that many missed this when it was out, but hopefully it will find a home on DVD.
16.   Un Prophet
15.   Never Let Me Go – This film was an early release and is being looked over for this awards season.  Though the film is bleak, there are many amazing performances in the flick.
14.   Best Worst Movie – I had never seen Troll 2 before seeing this documentary.  Now both films are regulars in my comedy arsenal.
13.   How to Train Your Dragon – Everything is perfect in this film except the voice casting.  Dreamworks has never been as good as Pixar in this department, but their storytelling capabilities are growing with every picture they release.
12.   Winter’s Bone – This is a small film and a great noir set in the Ozarks.
11.   The Kids are All Right – I wrestled with putting this and what ended up in my number ten spot for too long.  The film is a great modern family yarn and the performances are all top notch.

10.  Scott Pilgrim Vs. the World – The movie equivalent of a video game.  The style that Edgar Wright followed was straight out of the comic book and Cera was born to play the lead role.

9.    Black Swan – Even if the dialogue can be cheesy at times, the themes of perfection in art rang true throughout the film.

8.    Exit Through the Gift Shop – The best documentary of the year that I actually had the time to watch.  This was perfectly crafted and I would even begin to believe this was less of a documentary as it was another art piece by Bansky.

7.    Easy A – Anyone who knows me can attest to my love of teen comedies.  It’s been far too long since something has come along that has kept me entertained as Easy A has.  if you’re a fan of John Hughes I would recommend you check this film out.

6.    Kick-Ass – Okay, maybe I’m a little biased as I was a fan of the comic books.  Nicolas Cage had his best performance in years and Hit Girl was put on the map by this flick.  Even though the film didn’t do well at the B.O., I hope that Kick Ass 2 can’t be that far behind.

5.    Toy Story 3 – A perfect end to the trilogy.  Hell, I’ll admit it here, at one moment I was close to tears and thought this film could end in the worst way, but Pixar has another homerun on their slate.

4.    127 Hours – The beauty of the desert, Franco’s perfect performance of a man trapped and alone and Danny Boyle’s amazing directing style made this film rise easily to the top.  I thought Franco was an easy lock for the best actor win until I saw my #2 pick.

3.    Social Network – I read this script when it hit the #2 spot on the 2009 Black List.  The script is amazing and Fincher’s directing is flawless.  On top of it all, the score from Reznor and Ross fit the frantic style of this modern tale.

2.    King’s Speech – By far the best performance of the year comes from Colin Firth as King George VI.  The third best performance of the year (behind Franco in 127 Hours) was by Geoffrey Rush as Lionel Logue.

1.    Inception – If we’re talking film, this is easily hands-down the best film of the year.  From the creation of the multiple levels of the dreams, to the score, to the many hidden clues of what was really going on, to the amazing fight in the hallway, and even to the end.  This film was great and hit on several levels for me.  I’ve seen it twice since it has been on DVD and looked for the many hidden clues.  In the end, there are many deeper levels and I can see why so many people are confused or thrown off by the ending.  Hell, a lot of these people are the same ones who thought everything on the island of LOST was all purgatory.  If you want to discuss the ending and what you think it might all mean, message me on FB or send me an email.

Well that’s it for another year.  Sorry it came a little late, but as always this list is tougher to do every year.

Also, I love hearing about any films I may have missed.

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  1. Mark Worthen
    May 1, 2011

    I think you were too easy on Jonah Hex. What a steaming pile of movie that was. I want my 70 minutes back and am amazed they actually got John Malkovich to star in that unconscionable waste of celluloid. I hope they paid him career damage money.

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