Flashback to October 1997 as Premiere asked ‘What Will Hollywood Be Like in 10 Years?’

A few months ago I ended up coming across an old issue of Premiere magazine from October 1997.  This was their big 10th Anniversary issue, exploring how film had changed over the previous 10 years up until that point.  Buried on page 46 there was a one page spread asking many of Hollywood’s brightest where they thought the industry would be in 10 years.  How many were right?  How many missed the marks?

Well, I hope it won’t be that actors are no longer required. My hope is that our various unions are strong enough to keep us employed. – Kenneth Branagh

I would say the screens at home will be bigger, they’ll be clearer, and that the technology will go where it needs to go to get you out of your house. There might be a higher level of impatience with cookie-cutter stimuli – Warren Beatty

Who knows? I think we’ll still have romantic movies. At least I hope. I hope I won’t be doing Batman 57 – Alicia Silverstone

I think it’s going to be very computerized. I worry about that, because I like seeing movies with great actors and great faces, and brains and wit. – Stockard Channing

I’m about to do this STAR WARS project, and I was talk to George Lucas. He was saying, “I know you’re, like, a really good actor, but in this film you’ll probably be going, ‘Lot out! Run! Duck! -da, da, da’ and all the big speeches are going to be done by the thirteen computer-generated actors.” So maybe that’s how Hollywood’ going to control the escalating salaries. Just put their computer-generated stars to sleep at night and booth them up in the morning. – Samuel L. Jackson

Hopefully, stars will have cut their fees back and realized how immoral it is to take that sort of money. That they could perhaps be saving a few Third World countires. I mean, how many millions do you need? – Gillian Armstrong

I’d like to see a return to stories that really touch your heart, like PHENOMENON did mine. I hope we get back to uplifting stories. – John Travolta

I hope the next ten years will bring better scripts for women of all ages. Most of what you read today is just awful. – Anne Bancroft

There’s a big split between the big movies and the independents, and you’d love to see them merge, the way alternative music took over rock for a while. Maybe that will happen in the movies, if fate decrees. I’d be out of a job, but it would be cool. – David Duchovny

The exhibition business will be more like the circus than today, with home video less of a factor. It will be more computer-interactive-pay-per-view, and the theatrical business will be even more driven by event sci-fi movies. There will be 5,000 to 6,000 print release, which will have to be something presold. – Joe Roth

Regardless of the special effects, the size of the theaters, the constant will be that great story-telling by great filmmakers remains the most important part of the process. – Bob Weinstein

One of the biggest differences will probably be the price of the ticket. – Laura Linney

Technology will make it possible to make movies much more cheaply, and cheap movies can be more adventurous movies. Young artists will utilize the technology in a fresh and original way. Why I should be interested in young directors, I don’t know. Sergio Leone once told me that when they were trying to start a film school, he approached Fellini about it, and Fellini said “Are you crazy? Those are the people we should be strangling in their cribs!” – Robert Benton

I’ll probably be reading scripts for DIE HARD 9: HE’S BACK AND HE’S MAD – Bruce Willis

Well there’s a considerable chance Hollywood won’t be there. I mean, Nevada might be beachfront property, so the business might be in Florida. That’s why I’m staying on the East Coast – Matt Damon

So now on the eve of 14 years since the article, Joe Roth seems to be the closest in the predictions.  The studio system has grown to astronomical proportions and the indie world has taken many steps back.

Robert Benton, before he went off the deep end at the tail end of his comment came close to what the indie world has become.  It is now easier and cheaper to make an indie film, but finding the distribution model besides doing self-release to VOD is an ever decreasing landscape.

So now the real question is… what will the industry be like in 10 years from now?  Will the studios still be owned by the huge conglomerates?  Will there be another indie uprising with new distribution models and companies like Open Road, the joint venture of AMC and Regal Cinemas, that will allow more access to the indie world?

I’d love to hear comments what you guys think the industry may be like in ten years… Comment below if you can.