2013 Goals (and a look back at 2012)

2012 was probably one of my most productive years in recent memories. There was some good movement forward on both sides of the career, both the writing and the producing and there is tons more to be proud of than to look down upon. So I guess it was win-win in the end.

At the end of 2011, Wave Goodbye was nothing but a dream. I had an idea with Adam Morris and Eric Goodwin to create a webseries of epic proportions on a small budget. We set out to raise a total of $10k on IndieGogo to produce a total of 40 episodes of content for the web. We only raise a little over half that (and about half the goal once they took their cut). With the wonderful cast and crew that you can find listed in my post “It Takes a Village”, we were able to produce twenty episodes. Sure it was half the intended goal, but we only raised half the money, and since we’re all starving artists, we couldn’t throw the rest of the money into the kitty to make the other twenty episodes happen. Plus the size of the production, along with the cast and crew working for pizza, we couldn’t ask for more than we got. In the end, I’m happy with the final product. Is there a couple episodes that could have been better, sure, but as the whole it is amazing, especially at the price tag. On top of it all, it was a feature film in length, so we all did an amazing job. I’ll get more to season 2 in a bit.

I also had a great time writing and rewriting some projects that have been gestating for too long.

IAMW has been something I’ve been working on and off on for over five years. It’s had countless rewrites and starts and stops over that time. My writer partners (Trevor Smith & Tai Logsdon) were able to finally find the right direction in which to take the project and I’m pretty happy with the final product. It needs a little bit of a polish, but the notes we received (solely from females readers) was encouraging that we might have a good writing sample and spec to finally take to market.

AOM (formerly TACOM) has been another project that has been in development just as long. D. Jordan Knight and I have been through hurdles with that script, and most of it is due to her relentless passion for the project. After we went down the wrong rabbit hole with a previous Producer, we finally put it in the right direction and it is a solid Family Comedy with some Rom Com aspects. While IAMW is a Hard-R comedy, this is family friendly and one of the best things to mix up my writing. In 2011 we ended up in the top 10 percent of Nicholl, we rewrote it based on some ideas, and then ended up in the top 15% in 2012. Sure it may not have been as high, but we both feel the project is a million times better. We even had another Producer fall in love with it, but they weren’t the right fit in the long run, plus it was out of their budget range. To hear him say “It’s in one of top 1% of scripts I’ve ever read” means more to us than you could ever imagine.

But enough about old projects, there was also time for a couple new ones on the horizon that were brought to fruition.

MCICTT was written during ScriptFrenzy. It’s been an idea that has peculated for many years and an awesome 4Q comedy that covers a mythic creature that has never been seen in this light before. DJK gave me some amazing notes and we’re eventually going to rewrite it, even if someone else did something similar this year, considering their take and product wasn’t as top notch as it could be. It’s an interesting premise that is hard to pull off, considering it is an adult story that is aimed at kids. 2013 will hopefully see a good rewrite on it to finally take it to market.

BWOML was my attempt at a John Hughes-esque coming of age teen comedy. There’s a bit of me in the story, but I hate saying that. The main character is so far removed from me, but his passion and his change is something I went through leaving a career to pursue a passion. The script was completed in the first week of 2013, but I’ll still count it as an accomplishment of the previous year. I’ve submitted it to my writing group and am currently awaiting notes to rewrite it… just hopefully I didn’t make it too dramatic.

I also produced a music video with the amazing Michael and Marisa and hope to see it posted online soon, once they’re done shopping it to record companies and other entities. It was a tough one day shoot that could have used one more, but in the end, you take what budget and limitations you have and try to make the best product possible. I’m happy and proud to have this as another accomplishment in 2012, considering I also was one of the main editors on the project so it added another new skill to me repertoire.

So I guess I should finally get to 2013 and my goals, since that is really what this post was supposed to be about. I figure putting my goals out here in the open will help make me more accountable, not to any of you, but having them in writing will show me how much I was able to accomplish in the end.

So as many of you know, my weight has been something I’ve struggled with since I was a young nine year old lad. I love food. I hate exercising, but I’ve made some huge strides. People that haven’t seen me for a while already see the changes that have already taken shape, but I still have a long way to go. I started out when I finally tipped the scales at 266. Yes, you read that right, 266. On a 5’7″ frame and in the town where image is everything, it was time to make a change. I lost fifty pounds from my high, but put a couple back on during the holidays.As of this writing, I’m still forty pounds down and back on the right track. It’s all about making little changes. Moving more and eating less. Making the better choices, but I’m still allowed to partake in vices every now and then.

Not like it’s a really big thing, but I’m also trying my best to become a single-spaced typer. In my day of learning how to touch-type I learned on typewriters which were monospaced, so you learned to hit the space bar twice at the end of each sentence. With the advent of computers and non-monospaced fonts, it is now an older art form, but I’m really trying. Plus that extra space can make the difference in the end when page count really matters in a script. Nine days in and I think I’m making progress, but you might catch a couple double spaced sentences here and there.

On the writing front my biggest goal of all isn’t the amount of projects or completed (but I will list those in a bit), but to become the writer who sits and writes EVERY DAY. Yeah, life gets in the way. From the social, to the paycheck, to everything else in between. Nine days in and I’ve hit at least an hour every day. Those who are accomplished writers make sure they’re writing and growing their craft every day, so why not be like the pros.

On the project side this is what I want to accomplish:

I want to rewrite the two projects I finished in 2012 and get them ready for the marketplace. I’ve grown enough and see in feedback that I’m ready to take that leap. Will their be passes and people that don’t like it, sure. With how much I read and have done in the past in a producing capacity, less than five percent of the scripts rise to the top. Once I’ve got the three writing samples, it’ll be time to look for representation or try to set them up through my own contacts I’ve made on my own.

New stuff includes the follow-up to Wave Goodbye. No longer are we aiming to make it a second season of a webseries, but as a feature. We’ve got an eye on some investment capital, and I hope to have a first draft before the end of the month. I’ll be writing this with Trevor Smith, and producing along with the director of the webseries. The outline is solid and the draft is coming along smoothly at this juncture. I also want to finally develop a dramatic TV series with Jamie Livingston-Dierks and maybe another comedy project on my own or with Trevor. There may be other stuff as the muse hits me, but those three new projects, along with the rewrites, are my main focus for the year.

So will I be able to do it? I know I can. I just have to put my head in the game and make sure I’m working every day towards these goals and accomplishments. If you’ve read this far, I can’t believe it, but thanks for being part of my ride as I try to get to the next step in crazy Hollywood.

Here’s hoping your 2013 is productive and you’re able to make strides in your goals and accomplishments.

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  1. Kim Garland
    Jan 10, 2013

    Love you, Zac! You can do it and you will grow so much this year – I know it. I’m always here to help or cheer or toast success or shake fists at failures with you. Treefort forever!

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