After having his short film PRELUDE banned from being shown at Modesto Junior College, Zac decided that film school wasn’t for him. Fed up with the injustice, he quit his high paying job, sold his house (all of this against the better judgment of his parents) and moved to Hollywood, where he would pay more to rent a bedroom apartment than a home he could call his own in California’s central valley.

Zac quickly landed on his feet writing and developing comedy bits for his short lived comedy troupe The Public Offender and produced the award-winning horror/western short Ghost Town. With his knack for self promotion and his bizarre sense of humor, his first job (not paying, mind you) was an internship for Suntaur Entertainment to help promote their upcoming film release.  Through his passion and dedicated work ethic, he quickly rose through the ranks and is now the VP of Development at the up-and-coming indie production company.

Besides his development work at Suntaur, Zac has helped develop, produce, write and edit several web series, including Mr. Hollywood and Porntourage, has judged several screenwriting competitions (including American Accolades and Scriptapalooza) and has been a guest speaker at many screenwriting events (Sherwood Oaks College, the Horror Writers Association, Killercon).

Zac has trained at the Upright Citizens Brigade Theater in LA and continues to write his own comedy scripts (which mainly address his insecurities with the opposite sex).  He also writes film reviews for Indie Film Guru

Zac and Suntaur Entertainment do not accept any unsolicited queries at this time except through virtualpitchfest.com.